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How to Nap Like a Professional

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How to Nap Like a Professional

The afternoon crash is a very real thing, whether you get 6 hours of sleep the night before or 10. Thankfully, there’s power napping. This 20-ish minute practice is a surefire way to get the absolute most out of your day, and it's a great excuse to sleep more. Some countries practice the afternoon nap almost religiously. Spain and Italy are known for their 'siesta's (probably the secret to the success of the Roman Empire) and in countries like China, workplace napping is the norm. If you want to nap like a pro, take note of these handy little tips we’ve prepared.


Like many things, the mental game can be the biggest roadblock in securing a sneaky snooze. Switch off, and try shift your focus away from whatever else is going on. If you’re a busy person, remind yourself that having a power nap isn’t slacking off, but rather giving yourself the opportunity to perform better.


Napping during the day comes with its challenges. The sun is still beaming, there’s plenty of noise and you might not have the luxury of your bed. Even so, it’s important to make the most of what you’ve got, and make your environment work for you. Get rid of as much light and noise as you can; a sleep mask and some headphones with pleasant music or white noise might be your best bet. Planning your nap ahead of time is definitely recommended.

Coffee before a nap might sound like madness, but it actually makes the whole process much more manageable. Caffeine takes time to kick in; around 20 minutes. 20 minutes is also the amount of time recommended for a power nap. Coincidence? We think not. A chilled coffee before sleeping will help settle your mind, but the real magic comes when the nap is over. Instead of post-nap grogginess, the coffee should start taking affect right as you're waking up. 


We’ve all had ‘power naps’ that turn into five hour sleeping sessions, so unless you want to wake up at 8pm and be awake all night, the safest bet is to set an alarm. 20 minutes of solid napping is usually just the right amount to get you rejuvenated. Gradual, pleasant alarms are definitely the way to go for a better experience.

If you’ve opted for the pre-nap coffee, your nap hangover should be minimal. Having said that, you should still take a few minutes to gather yourself before launching back into the daily grind.

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