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Sleepy Hints for Your Next Flight

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Sleepy Hints for Your Next Flight

Planes are great for getting us to where we need, or want to go. Whether it’s a vacation, visiting family or a unique work opportunity, catching a plane is something to get excited about. Staring mindlessly at the seat in front of you for 10 hours, however, is quite the opposite. Instead, most people opt to sleep for as much of the flight as they can. Aeroplanes are not Macoda mattresses though, and they weren’t designed for quality sleep. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to get some shut-eye on that red-eye.


  • Location, location, location


While you might not want to fork out a small fortune for First Class, when possible it might pay to invest in some better seating. Window seats are the go to; you have something to lean on if you prefer that, and, AND, you have total control over the lighting in your immediate area. Where possible, it’s recommended that you recline your seat as much as possible, comfort and neighbour relations permitting.


  • Dress for the occasion


Leave your tight jeans and designer boots at home. Get serious about your sleep and bring out your favourite oversized shirt and track pants. A good way to shield yourself from light (and a neighbour set on small talk) is a hat you can pull down over your face. A good pair of socks is also essential here. Whatever you go with, just make sure it’s loose and it’s comfortable.


  • Manipulate your environment


When you’re sharing a flight with hordes of strangers, this one might seem impossible, but there are a few things you should do to help drift off peacefully. Light, to no one’s surprise, will not help you sleep. Try avoiding or minimising light prior to bedtime, including (sorry) light from phone, tablet or TV screens.


Ever slept through the noises made by an infant suffering from Airplane ear? Probably not, right? There’s a score of noises on a busy flight that will ruin your chances of sleeping, so it is imperative that you have other options. Noise cancelling headphones or earbuds are winners, but if worse comes to worse, airplane headphones plugged into a soothing station or playlist will make a world of difference.


  • Boozy Bedtime


There’s nothing like a nightcap to help win sleep over to your side, right? Wrong.
It might seem like the perfect solution, but be warned – it doesn’t work that well, your sleep will be shorter and low-quality. You’ll also get dehydrated and wake up with dry mouth (Maybe a headache too).


Instead, choose water. Stay hydrated and keep that body in check. Obviously getting up to use the toilet every half hour is not ideal, so don’t overdo it.


Good luck and sweet dreams!

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