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Macoda Mattress - MACODA MATTRESS

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Macoda Mattress - MACODA MATTRESS






Sleep cool

The layer of cloud like memory foam is infused with thousands of cooling gel beads, which are activated by your body temperature to make sure you stop sleeping hot.

Hybrid comfort

Our hybrid mattress combines foam and pocket springs to provide a level of comfort miles above a traditional spring mattress and support that pure foam mattresses just aren't capable of.


We're bringing the bounce back to the bedroom. With a supportive layer of latex, you'll get just the right amount of responsiveness and cushioning from your bed, without the sinking feeling.

Soft, silky & luxurious bamboo

Bamboo wicks moisture, to ensure you and your mattress stay feeling fresh. It's also highly breathable, super soft and one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet.

Targeted pressure relief

By conforming to your body, the Macoda alleviates pressure where it's needed most, and works to align the spine. A perfect mattress for side sleepers, back sleepers and everything in between.

No partner disturbance

Say goodbye. A foundation of hundreds of independent pocket springs means motion doesn't transfer across the mattress. Less tossing and turning, more deep sleeping.

Zoned support

The Macoda mattress has 5 unique zones that target different areas of your body. More support for where you need it, more comfort where you dont. A firm edge support keeps you where you should be night after night.

Everything You Want in a Bed, in a Box.


Get your box to where you want it then simply open it and position your new mattress wherever you plan on sleeping


Unwrap the outer plastic layer then carefully cut the inner layer. Sit back and watch the magic happen as your Macoda expands.


Your new Macoda is ready to sleep on straight away! Your mattress should be fully expanded in 48 hours.

Customisable to Suit You

The Macoda Mattress has a completely unique design, allowing you to change the firmness of your bed in the comfort of your own home. The white top of the mattress can be unzipped and removed, revealing two foam inserts. By flipping these inserts, your mattress can adjust between a soft, medium and firm comfort setting in a couple of minutes.

To make the mattress softer, all you need to do is flip the top, thick insert.
To make the mattress firmer, just put the bottom, thin insert on top.


Mattress Specs


Size guide:

Single: 92 x 188 x 29cm - 30kg

King Single: 107 x 203 x 29cm - 36kg
Double: 137 x 188 x 29cm - 43kg
Queen: 153 x 203 x 29cm - 50kg
King: 183 x 203 x 29cm - 59kg

Box size:

Single: 105 x 30 x 30cm
King Single: 120 x 32 x 32cm
Double: 150 x 30 x 30cm
Queen: 165 x 32 x 32cm
King: 195 x 32 x 32cm


Shipping is always free and available to all of mainland Australia and Tasmania.

Sydney, Melbourne & Perth Metro:
1-2 business days.

Canberra & Adelaide:
2-3 business days.

3-5 business days.

3-10 business days. Certain rural locations may experience longer than expected shipping times.

Northern Territory & Tasmania:
5+ business days

When your order has reached the nearest depot and is ready for delivery, we'll call you and organise a time that works for you.

Mattresses and Pillows are sent separately and may not arrive together.

COVID-19: Please allow 1-2 extra day for dispatch.


Level Up Your Sleep

With the brand new Macoda Pillow. A fusion of charcoal and memory foam, glazed with cooling gel technology and our premium, breathable bamboo cover. Your head will thank you.