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Macoda offers warranty on all its mattresses for a period of 10 years. This warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials. A warranty claim can only be made by the original purchaser and owner and if the product was purchased directly from Macoda. Macoda will assess major defects in the mattress which do not constitute general limitations of prolonged use.


  • Any indentation in the mattress greater than 35mm that is present when no weight is applied to the mattress.

  • Workmanship faults where materials may be broken or defective.


  • Personal preference in mattress feel, which may be subject to change over time.

  • Any damage due to abnormal use or moving of the Macoda mattress, including the use of an innapropriate bed base (refer to FAQ).

  • Normal changes or wear in the mattress, such as small indentations due to the memory foam conforming to your body.

  • Soiled, stained or unsanitary mattresses

  • Mattress odour present in the materials

  • Any minor manufacturing flaws


If you believe your mattress should be assessed for warranty claim please contact us. We will require photographs and a description of the defect in order to make any assessment as we are an online provider.


Based on the information you provide, we will determine whether the mattress needs to be assessed. Hereafter, we will determine where the defect originated from and what caused it, and act accordingly.

Macoda will repair or replace any components that adhere to our warranty guidelines. We also reserve the right to offer a refund or a replacement of equal value should your item have been discontinued.

 We cannot guarantee that any repair or replacement will be in perfect new condition. A replacement or repair            does not extend the original warranty period,  or initiate a new warranty period.