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Australia's Most
Comfortable Mattress.

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Australia's Most
Comfortable Mattress

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The Macoda mattress is compressed in a box and shipped for free straight to your door.


We've tested our mattresses to make sure your Macoda will provide great sleep for years, guaranteed.


Take some time to sleep on your decision. 100 nights to fall in love or your money back.


Find your perfect sleep setting anytime with the ability to adjust between soft, medium and firm.

Award Winning Sleep

Your sleep is in safe hands with Macoda.

The mattress has once again been named "Australia's 'Best Comfort' Mattress in a box for 2024.


After testing thousands of mattresses, the countries leading independent mattress experts, BedBuyer, noted "The Macoda Mattress is a lovely mattress and a great buy for those who prefer a softer feel. It has a level of comfort that is unmatched in the mattress in a box market, and is a worthy award winner." This marks a fifth years of taking out the award, and 5 years of undisputed comfort. In addition, BedBuyer named the Macoda Pillow the countires Best Pillow in 2023.

Meet Macoda

We believe that buying a mattress should be easy, and getting a good night's sleep shouldn't be a nightmare. Long gone are the days of having to visit massive showrooms and lug home an impossibly large package. By bending the rules and selling online, then shipping our bed in a box directly to your door, you can finally get an affordable bed without sacrificing quality, comfort or the environment. No middle man and no ridiculous markups, just a mattress that's challenging an industry.

The Sweet Spot

By developing a unique combination of foam and pocket springs, you get the best of both worlds with our hybrid mattress. This provides a level of comfort miles above traditional spring mattresses and the support that pure foam mattresses just aren't capable of on their own. Designed by Australians for Australians, the Macoda is highly breathable, super soft and even has adjustable firmness thanks to our Unzip-and-Flip system. Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or anything in between, you'll be sleeping in the sweet spot night after night after night.

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100 Night Trial

There’s nothing like the comfort of your own home. Sleep on your Macoda mattress for 100 nights at home and if you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll come collect it and give you a full refund.

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