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Cat Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

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Cat Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

As fans of sleep, it’s impossible for us to ignore the household masters – cats. Kitties sleep a hell of a lot, but besides making us jealous, the way they sleep can also leave us scratching our heads.

Here's a breakdown of what your cat's position might be trying to tell you.



How is it SO easy for them? Anyway... If you catch your cat sitting up, but looking asleep, they’re more than likely power-napping in an alert state. This means they can get in their cat nap in, but still be able to react to any would-be threats.


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On its side; all four limbs stretched out. CUTE! Other than being absolutely adorable, the side sleeping kitty is one that is feeling completely safe, comfortable and ready for the long haul. Well done!


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So your cat looks comfy, but it’s keeping one or both eyes slightly opened? This is another survival tactic, where Whiskers is having a bit of a rest, but staying alert enough to be ready to pounce on, or pounce away, at any given moment. Where this gets really cool, is if your kitty is keeping one eye open and the other closed for a longer period of time. In this case, the cat might be under (wait for it) Unihemispheric Slow-wave Sleep. This basically means one half of the brain is unconscious, while the other is alert and is very handy for catching up on sleep in environments that might pose a threat.




Spied your cat curled up in a ball, tail wrapping around themselves? Believe it or not, this isn’t just your cat’s attempt to make you say “awwww” – although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was an attempt to force some cuddles out of you. A curled-up-kitty generally means your feline friend is doing its best to keep warm and cosy, especially in the cooler months.




Congratulations, your cat loves you. Unlike other positions where cats are doing their best to protect their organs or be ready to react at a moment’s notice, a cat on its back is a sure sign of a relaxed, comfortable kitty. If your cat is flashing its belly, you can be confident that your bond is fur-real, and your cat trusts you and feels safe with its surroundings.




Springfield had one, and sometimes your cat likes to be one. One of everyone’s favourite - the kitty one a wall or fence, with legs dangling all over the shop. This one’s a bit of a doozy, but the general consensus is that the cat is using this heightened position to get a better view of the overall area.




You know the one. When your cat ‘sits’ on all four legs and tucks their paws into their body – just like a loaf of bread. This position is used for quick cat-naps or if your cat is just taking a moment to relax. If your kitty is loafing, its ‘ready’ to get up and go if it needs to, but for the most part, is feeling pretty at ease.




Your cat loves the heck out of you. They’ll usually try and sleep on you where you’re less likely to move (take a hint). There’s also a good chance they want to take advantage of your warmth and security, but feel free to ignore that part...


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