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Halloween Outfit Ideas That Are Actually Just a Macoda Box

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Halloween Outfit Ideas That Are Actually Just a Macoda Box

Halloween's just around the corner and if you're anything like me, you've done nothing about it. Thankfully, every Macoda Mattress comes with it's very own box (amazing) which in the right hands (yours) is an untapped treasure trove of outfit possibility.

Here's our very best box-tume ideas to sink your teeth into.


Macoda Box

You'll have everyone saying "hold on, that's not a costume, that's just a mattress box." Absolutely riveting stuff.



Or any other doll/action figure (are they the same thing?) Either way, this one is a surefire win. Cut out a 'window' on one side of the box and cover the rest in wrapping paper and chuck a name on there.


A Mummy-in-a-box

This one feels like a real two-birds-one-stone scenario. Wrap your box in toilet paper and you'll be a sleep-ready, scare-tacular legend. Eye holes and hand holes recommended.


A Robot

A little bit of aluminium foil or silver paint and you're a bonafide beep-booper. Cut the box into two parts to work as your body and your helmet to give you a bit more maneuverability.


A Milk Carton

Because no one will question you eating Froot Loops all night if you're dressed as a milk carton. A bit of white paper, a couple of drawings of cows and throw on some nutritional information and you're ready to rock and roll.



This one was just asking for it. A little bit more effort might be required to get it looking groovy, but the result will pay dividends. Throw on some colourful clothes and a jester hat and slip on into your box. Vouila!



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