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A Beginner's Guide to Memory Foam

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A Beginner's Guide to Memory Foam

The memory foam we know and love today, like that in the Macoda Mattress, actually stems from NASA. In it's infancy, scientists designed it to help with excessive gravitational pull. For most of us, that’s not a huge issue. However, the properties of memory foam make it perfect for sleeping on. The material will essentially mould around your body, forming an amazingly comfortable spot just for you. Because of the way it acts, memory foam is host to a bunch of benefits.



If you’ve ever slept on a traditional mattress, you might have noticed that whenever you move there’s a ripple effect throughout the whooooole bed. For you and your bed buddy, this is almost always a bad thing. Enter, memory foam. Thanks to the way it absorbs pressure, movement and motion is restricted to the area of application. What that means is the movement or energy isn’t sent through the whole mattress, so you won’t be getting disturbed every time someone rolls over or gets out of bed.



Similarly, pressure point relief is something that older bedding doesn’t offer. When you’re asleep, outdated mattresses would put excessive pressure on certain points, which negatively impacts circulation as well as comfort. Because memory foam works ‘with’ extra pressure not against it, these danger areas are relieved instead of constricted. Neat!



While it’s doing all this pressure cushioning, memory foam essentially spreads your weight out evenly across the area. This is quite cool, because it means that the areas of your body that might otherwise be protruding on the surface of the bed, are instead cushioned and supported. This feature of memory foam actually allows for your spine to straighten and sit in a normal position, so that’s pretty great.




One of the more recent breakthroughs in memory foam can be found in the Macoda Mattress. The introduction of cooling gel acts to counter the idea that foam mattresses sleep hot. By reacting to the surrounding temperature, gel infused memory foam works to actually pull heat away from the body and cool things down. The benefits of this are pretty clear, especially when you consider the Australian climate our mattress was designed for.


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