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Breaking 'Mondayitis'

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Breaking 'Mondayitis'
If Monday was a person, most of us would “forget” to send it a Christmas card. Heading back to the daily grind after a weekend of relaxation or excitement is, understandably, something that people don’t look forward to. ‘Mondayitis’ is something we've all dealt with, but can we do something about it?


Here’s what we came up with.


   1. Preparation is Key


Let’s assume that you love your job and everything that comes with it, but the idea of having to spring out of bed, shower, get dressed, organise a decent meal and sit in traffic for 30 minutes doesn’t do it for you. It’s time to help you, help yourself and get ready for Monday before Monday. Have a go at organising your work schedule for Monday on the Friday before, do little things like sorting out your outfit the night before, having a shower before bed and getting any meal prep out of the way.


   2. Get Excited


A good weekend generally translates to a bad Monday. But what if Monday’s could be fun too? Instead of focusing on the week of work or study coming up, make an effort to introduce some excitement into the week. Give yourself something to look forward to, whether it’s a treat you know you’ll enjoy after work on a Monday, a midweek movie or catching up with friends. There’s no reason your 30 minutes in traffic or your breaks can’t be amazing either; find something to make those spaces enjoyable and your Mondayitis will melt away.


   3. Consistency is (also) Key


We’re all guilty of a late Saturday night or a big Sunday sleep in, and that’s fine. What’s not fine, is how it messes with your body clock come Monday morning. Without sacrificing too much of your weekend pleasure, try and make an effort to stick closer to your weekday sleep schedule. Sometimes this means getting up earlier then you’d like to, but going for a nap in the afternoon is a good compromise (naps are awesome anyway).


   4. Stay in Bed


Okay, this probably isn’t the most responsible option, but we like it anyway.

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